The street-level data platform

Terra Visus makes it simple to access the quality data you need from the world's top geospatial data providers at scale.

Access to data when you need it

We collaborate with the world’s top geospatial data providers to source, collate and distribute the highest quality street-level data sets from small cities to entire countries.

Accessible via our commercial cloud platform, we make these data sets available to our customers and partners across many industry sectors to create more accurate maps, form the bedrock for ground truth data within AI and enable the result of digital twins and smarter cities.

New York map

Worldwide data

Key regions of coverage include Europe, the USA, central and south America, Australia and India. In addition, we have significant coverage in Asia-Pacific, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Coverage includes capital and main cities, towns, motorways, freeways, and major roads of high importance.

Oakland map

Professionally collected data

Licencing pre-captured data can significantly reduce costs and time to get to market.

At Terra Visus, the data we have available to license has been collected using professional-grade imaging systems and scanners to ensure the highest quality data. All data is collected ethically with all necessary in-country permissions sought where and if required.


Singapore map

Who uses our data?

Our data is accessed by some of the world’s largest technology companies and organisations across North America, Europe and Asia.


Urban planning and tax assesments

Energy & Utilities

Asset management and maintenance

Oil & Gas

Remote monitoring of project progression

Real Estate

Virtual tours and navigation of property locations

Transportation & Logistics

Road condition analysis and route planning


Perform cable routing surveys

Our data types

Capturing the world with spherical, lidar, and trajectory data.

Spherical data

Spherical data

A spherical image is a 360° panoramic image with ultra-high resolution and offers a reliable and accurate digital perspective of public spaces at street level. Its high quality and resolution enable users to observe details such as office signage, infrastructure features, and the state of assets and real estate, without needing to visit the physical location. Such data can be viewed, evaluated, and analyzed remotely.

LiDAR data

LiDAR data

LiDAR data is comprised of densely-packed three-dimensional point clouds, and we optimize the output by simultaneously obtaining LiDAR data and spherical images during the capture process. This allows the spherical images to be used on their own for visual reference or to colourise the LiDAR data.


Trajectory data

Trajectory data is a key component of mobile mapping technology. It refers to the series of location coordinates that are recorded by sensors on a mobile mapping system as it travels along a route. These coordinates can be used to generate a highly accurate and detailed digital map of the environment, including the position of road networks, buildings, and other infrastructure.

Multiple ways to use Terra Visus’s data sets

Are you ready to maximise the value of your street-level data? Discover the Terra Visus platform.

Urban Planning

Create 3D models of urban areas to plan construction projects and identify potential hazards.


Map and model road networks and bridges to optimize traffic flow and plan for maintenance and repair.


Monitor natural environments to identify changes in land cover, vegetation health, and water quality.


Map and model archaeological sites and landscapes to provide insights into the history and culture of a region.

Mining and Quarrying

Map and model mining and quarrying operations to optimize operations, ensure worker safety, and monitor environmental impacts.

Disaster Response

Assess damage caused by natural disasters to plan for response and allocate resources.

Infrastructure Inspection

Inspect and monitor critical infrastructure to identify potential maintenance issues and ensure safety and reliability.

Asset Management

Create accurate inventories of assets to optimize utilization, plan for upgrades and maintenance, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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