Global coverage street-level imagery and LiDAR data under sub-license from TomTom for asset detection, urban planning and smart cities.


When it comes to mapping our world’s roads, TomTom is a pioneer and one of the most experienced firms in the industry.

To keep its maps as fresh as possible, TomTom uses an array of sources, including government information, survey vehicles and community input.

But there’s one source that stands unique in its accuracy, reliability and value to the company: mobile mapping vans, or MoMas for short. Thanks to MoMa vans, the company’s maps continue to become ever more detailed and refined.


In 2023, Terra Visus announced a partnership with TomTom to provide licensed global coverage street-level data.

The partnership has enabled Terra Visus to offer its customers access to TomTom’s street-level data captured with it's fleet of MoMa vehicles, which includes high-resolution, geo-referenced spherical imagery and LiDAR. This data is available through Terra Visus’s street-level data platform, which makes it easy to license for integration into a variety of applications.

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“We are delighted to partner with TomTom to give our customers on-demand access to their world-class street-level data,” said Cameron Ure, CEO of Terra Visus. “This collaboration enables us to provide our customers with a more comprehensive and precise perspective of major world cities and road networks, enriching our customers' offerings and enhancing their global impact.”

Cameron Ure
Chief Executive Officer, Terra Visus

Technical Details

The TomTom street-level data is captured using industry-standard mobile mapping hardware. This ensures full compliance with all asset and inventory detection requirements.

Hardware specifications:

  • Ladybug 5 / 5+ Spherical Camera
  • Velodyne HDL32-E LiDAR
  • NovAtel ProPak 6 GPS
  • NovAtel IMU-IGM-A1 IMU

Data specifications:

  • 30-megapixel spherical images
  • 8m spacing
  • 0.2m - 0.4m positional accuracy
  • 700,000 points per second

To request a sample data set:

“We are pleased to partner with Terra Visus to make our street-level data available to their customers,” said Aaron Golden, SVP Global Enterprise Sales at TomTom.”

Aaron Golden
SVP Global Enterprise Sales, TomTom
TomTom MoMa Vehicle (Copyright TomTom)

Global coverage, local content

Terra Visus provides high resolution, precise geo-referenced global street-level imagery and LiDAR data through a secure, unified platform.

High resolution imagery

We have have partnered with the world leaders in high resolution spherical image mobile mapping systems.

Precise geo-referenced data

Accurate geospatial technologies ensure consistent and reliable positional street-level imagery and LiDAR data.

Global coverage

We work with a global network of data providers to capture and distribute street-level imagery and LiDAR data from small cities to entire countries.

Secure platform

Our commercial platform enables our customers and partners to create more accurate maps, digital twins and smarter cities.

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