We collaborate with partners worldwide to deliver accurate, intelligent visual data which is used to better understand and interpret the world around us.

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With nearly 10 million unique km's of data, we have the largest library of ready to go commercial street-level and LiDAR data in the world.

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Global coverage, local content

Terra Visus provides high resolution, precise geo-referenced global street-level imagery and LiDAR data through a secure, unified platform.

High resolution imagery

We have have partnered with the world leaders in high resolution spherical image mobile mapping systems.

Precise geo-referenced data

Accurate geospatial technologies ensure consistent and reliable positional street-level imagery and LiDAR data.

Global coverage

We work with a global network of data providers to capture and distribute street-level imagery and LiDAR data from small cities to entire countries.

Secure platform

Our commercial platform enables our customers and partners to create more accurate maps, digital twins and smarter cities.


“At Terra Visus, we work with a global network of industry-leading professional data providers to source, collate and distribute the highest quality street-level image data sets and LiDAR data from small cities to entire countries.”

Cameron Ure
Cameron Ure
CEO, Terra Visus Ltd.

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